learn > grow > excel | training workshops designed to support North Devon businesses to improve performance and achieve greater success

Postponed due to lockdown

learn ▶︎ grow ▶︎ excel is a 
programme of workshops designed to provide practical training and advice – Seven Steps to Resilience and Excellence – to help North Devon businesses thrive.

The workshops demonstrate a range of business tools available to you and include membership of an exclusive online private support group for North Devon businesses to discuss actual business issues, and share problems and solutions confidentially.

Seven Steps to Resilience and Excellence

VISIBILITY ► Ensure customers find your business when they are looking to buy

UNDERSTANDING ► Explain your offering clearly so customers know what it is

OPPORTUNITY ► Tap into markets you might be missing

EFFICIENCY ► Optimise your business by cutting out unnecessary expenses

COMMUNITY ► Develop your social value online

MOTIVATION ► Build your resilience so you move your business forward, even on bad days

SUPPORT ► Find support in our exclusive private online group

Why attend learn ▶︎ grow ▶︎ excel?

At the end of the workshop you will be aware of a range of tools available to you to improve your business. The sessions will combine discussions with practical exercises which will be emailed to you afterwards that you can complete fully in the workplace to put your learning into practice. (This is to minimise personal contact during Covid restrictions).

You will have access to ongoing discussion and peer support from the exclusive private online group.

Training delivery

Workshops run from 10am to 3pm with an additional hour for discussion of points raised during the day for those able or wishing to stay.

While Covid restrictions are in place, the classroom with be organised to achieve social distancing between delegates who will remain seated during the sessions. We hope this will be more relaxed in future.

Training provider

learn ▶︎ grow ▶︎ excel is devised and delivered by Need it Find it and Business Action, the independent North Devon business magazine.

The main course material has been compiled and created by Robert Zarywacz and Alan Williams, drawing on their own business experience and their discussions with hundreds of businesses across North Devon.

Additional material may be provided by third party organisations.


In spring 2020, Alan Williams and Robert Zarywacz, partners in Need it Find it and publishers of Business Action magazine, planned to hold events across North Devon to support businesses. Covid lockdowns and restrictions prevented this and it also became clear that little business support was available to the businesses who needed it. From this, they developed the learn ▶︎ grow ▶︎ excel to take training and support out to businesses in their communities.


With many businesses reviewing their expenditure due to Covid, the cost of initial workshops has been set at £30 per person to make them affordable for every business.

The price will be held at this level as long as possible to make the training accessible to as many business as possible.